What is the Importance of Coffee Scrub Ingredients?

Importance of exfoliating –
Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells that blocks and uncovers new skin cells. When you exfoliate it helps to moisturise, penetrate the skin to help rejuvenate, hydrate, soften and glow the skin. Exfoliating increases the circulation of blood in your skin which allows toxins to break down and help grow new skin cells. To keep your skin hydrated and healthy is to drink the required daily water intake and also to moisturise your skin after exfoliating.

How many times should you be exfoliating your body every week? It is very important that you exfoliate your skin a certain amount of times per week, the recommended amount of times is 2-3 times per week. Everyone’s skin reacts differently and that is why you should pay attention to your body’s sensitivity to know whether or not you need to be exfoliating more or less.

The DO NOTS of exfoliating –
Exfoliating can sometimes be harsh on the skin if it is used incorrectly. It is important to note that a good exfoliant is only to be used 2-3 per week, anything more than that is harsh to your skin. However, we do not recommend using a body exfoliating scrub on the face as it can be very harsh for the skin as body scrubs are thicker in texture then facial scrubs.

Ensure that if you have any wounds, burns or severe skin reactions do not use an exfoliant as this will only irritate the skin further and could lead to infections or scars. It is recommended to only use a small amount of exfoliant product that is enough for the specific area you are exfoliating.

11, Feb 2020