What is the Importance of Coffee Scrub Ingredients?

What are the benefits of coffee scrub ingredients?
1. Coffee helps to rejuvenate and stimulate blood flow leaving you with soft, smooth skin. Not only does it help with blood flow and rejuvenation it also benefits to reduction of cellulite, stretch marks and eczema. The reason it can reduce the appearance of cellulite is that the coffee helps to dehydrate the fat cells closest to the skin’s surface that helps to reduce the fat cell sizes. Coffee also has the advantage of age fighting and the repair of UV damage as the antioxidants from the coffee battles fine lines and wrinkles. With this coffee can help create new cell turnover and assist to lessen the particular areas in which you have certain sunspots, freckles and pigmentation.

2. Mineral oil protects the loss of water from the skin and helps to keep skin moisturised while using the scrub. The benefits of mineral oil is that it helps to moisture and form a barrier on the surface of your skin, it is a strong, smooth and effective ingredient which is used in majority of skin care products.

3. Salt is known to be one of the best natural ingredients to cleanse, stimulate and exfoliate skin as well as an antiseptic and a natural odour eliminator. Natural salts are full of minerals such as
magnesium, calcium and potassium, with this it can assist in brightening, strengthening and also inflammation of the skin. Salt is also a natural exfoliant that removes the dead skin cells due to the minerals which soften and restore hydration.

4. Cocoa is an incredibly strong antioxidant which is super beneficial
for your skin as it helps to restore the healthy appearance of your skin and reduces signs of ageing. Not only does cocoa restore healthy skin but it can also help with the damages that occurs to one’s skin from external environmental factors such as harsh weather causing dry skin. The cocoa is a major factor of helping blood flow and the growth of new skin cells.

5. Fruit powder is simply dried fruit which has been finely ground. It is used as a substitute of artificial flavour. The benefits of fruit powder helps with the growth of strength, the function of collagen, which enhance elasticity, reduction of wrinkles, age spots and other blemishes as well as ageing. Fruit powder will gently moisturise, ease and relieve particular skin irritations such as eczema. 


10, Feb 2020